Tara King

Creative Writing for Beginners

“I really enjoyed the course. To be honest, I was surprised by how good it was! Barbara has been a brilliant tutor. She’s supportive, encouraging and also very tough with her edits. Show not tell and adverbs are on my blacklist now. I’ve really enjoyed working with her.

“The course notes are excellent and to a really high standard. It was intelligently pitched. I really liked the weekly structure with Henry Sutton’s introduction, the outline and then the author podcast, editor’s notes and extra reading. The package worked really well and I fully understood the premise of each week.

“I found the podcasts really inspiring and it was great to hear the voice of so many top authors. I also really liked Henry Sutton’s podcast. It seemed personal!

“The course offered much more than I expected. I’ve managed to produce so much more work than I thought, including my first ever finished story – a total breakthrough. I liked the way the course threw us into writing and the tasks expected a good standard of writing from us as well as being accessible to newbie writers. Again I thought the weekly course notes were excellent.

“I think the course is good value for money, especially if you engage with the tasks and get feedback from the tutor. Online learning was also easier than I expected – I could fit it into my busy week without wasting time commuting or finding childcare.

“I also thought the interface for the course – the website – was brilliant. It was very easy to use and I like the way the course was laid out clearly plus the easy interface for the messages from the tutor. It’s a really nice design.”

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