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Rachel Rivers Porter

Constructing a Novel

“I loved the Writers’ Academy course! It felt great to be in the forum with other writers, who understood the way I felt and we could share our experiences as well as comment on each other’s novels. I found it a very worthwhile experience, and it was worth investing in my writing. I knew I wanted to learn from experts and I wasn’t disappointed. My Tutor, Barbara, was fantastic! She gave practical and helpful advice and was very patient, and I found the exercises very helpful. My top tip for aspiring writers wondering whether to attend a course, is: Go for it!

“The encouragement I received from the forum and my tutor, gave me the confidence to give up my job and follow my dream of trying to become a successful author. Spurred on to finish my novel, I continued to enjoy writing after the course ended and was thrilled to be long-listed in The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition. I have since redrafted my novel and submitted it to some agents, hoping for representation. I am currently revising a previous novel for 10-12 year olds and also writing a first draft of a second young adult novel.”

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