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About the course

Whether you want to write an intense crime novel, a fantasy adventure or a tragic romance, Creative Writing for Beginners can help equip you with all the literary tools needed to start writing your own fiction.

The course is run entirely online: there are no live lectures, tutorials or set times to log in. This allows you the flexibility to study wherever and whenever best suits you. You’ll receive regular one-to-one feedback on your writing, and can message your tutor at any time.

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Delivery Online
Tutors Barbara Henderson and Guy Mankowski
Duration 10 weeks
Time Commitment 5–10 hours per week
Payment Options In full, or in two monthly instalments
Next Course Date 7th May
Future Course Dates 2018 18th June

Weekly Activities

A professionally prepared series of weekly activities will guide you through essential topics including Character, Plot, Point of View, Description, Dialogue, Voice and Setting.

Inspiring Content

Written content from established Penguin Random House Editors and informative videos featuring accomplished authors will provide you with expert knowledge.

Experienced Tutors

During the course, a qualified Tutor will provide you with guidance, support and individual feedback and will be available to answer any questions that you may have as you progress.

Weekly Overview

  • Week 1: Character
    Learn about and experiment with character development.
  • Week 2: Plot
    Explore how Character and Plot are inextricably linked, and how a character’s actions and reactions drive a story.
  • Week 3: Point of view
    Who is telling your story has a crucial effect on the reader’s experience of it. Experiment with writing in the first person or the third person, or from one character’s point of view or that of several characters.
  • Week 4: Description
    Reflect on how to present the world of your story and its inhabitants in an exciting and emotionally rich manner.
  • Week 5: Character Revisited
    Revisit the relationships between your characters and how they interact with each other. These interactions allow you to further develop your characters, and thus allow the reader to learn more about them.
  • Week 6: Dialogue
    Learn the principles of writing plausible yet engaging dialogue.
  • Week 7: Voice
    Explore how to give your narrators lively, compelling and diverse voices.
  • Week 8: Setting
    Master how to present a dynamic world within which the characters interact and struggle.
  • Week 9: Beginnings
    Discover how to start a novel, and what should be revealed, hinted at or withheld.
  • Week 10: Extended Assignment
    Put what you have learnt so far into practice by writing an extended piece of fiction.

Insights from the Publishing Industry

As well as critically-acclaimed, bestselling and award-winning authors, many top editors and publishers have contributed to our Creative Writing for Beginners course.

We interviewed some of them about creative writing, and what tips they would give to budding writers looking to get published.

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