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Gifts for Writers: Thoughtful Presents for the Wordsmith in Your Life

Buying gifts for writers is a notoriously tricky exercise. Every birthday or festive season brings with it the headache of what to get that pesky writer friend or loved one of yours.

You want to avoid picking them up yet another boring old notepad, but how do you choose from the mountain of suggestions online?

Well, we’ve sifted through a barrage of them to bring you the very best gifts for writers. Read on below and find the perfect present for the wordsmith in your life.

The Laser Keyboard
A laser projected virtual keyboard makes for a novel and functional writer’s gift

Okay, so the novelty value is pretty high with this one, but there’s no denying that it’s also a potentially very handy tool for the traveling writer.

Exactly what it sounds like, this little gadget will project a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface, and link with any mobile device, tablet or laptop to input data.

It’s the ideal solution if writing inspiration strikes while you’re out and about with only your phone to hand. Plus, let’s face it, lasers are cool.

A Digitizable Notebook
Mod notebooks mean that pen and paper traditionalists can still enjoy the benefits of digital writing

Yes, I know we said that notebooks were an uninspired gift option, but hear us out – this one’s different.

The Mod Notebook is a traditional Moleskin-style notepad, but with the added benefit of being able to have the writing within digitized and made available from a variety of devices via a web app.

Simply put, many writers still prefer to work with good-old pen and paper – this neat accessory balances that desire with the practicality and accessibility of writing online.

Box Sets
Book collections are among the most popular gifts for writers for a reason

It may seem boring and safe, but sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. Writers are writers for a reason – they love books, and a beautifully packaged collection of literary classics is always a reliable gift option.

Whether it’s Austen or Orwell, Bronte or Dickens, Penguin has an array of rather lovely looking box sets of classic prose.

3000 Books!
Writers can enjoy the work of great authors in bite-size form with this USB

The super-contemporary alternative to a box-set is this nifty little USB stick, containing over 3000 works of classic literature!

We should point out the catch here – every single one of the novels contained within are in the public domain, and thus available for free somewhere online or elsewhere.

But let’s be honest, nobody is ever going to download 3000 books by themselves, and the tiny, book-shaped USB stick is a charming little gift in its own right.

Well worth the modest price-point for an endless selection of classic reads.

A Paper and Pen Subscription
Unique, handpicked stationary products from Pen and Paper

Though normally top of the “I can’t think of anything else” list, the good folks at Paper and Pen have managed to turn stationary into a thoughtful and original gift option.

By signing them up for one of these subscription packs, you can see to it that your writer friend receives a monthly delivery of some delightful, unique paper goods and supplies.

Any writer worth their salt is going to go through an awful lot of stationary supplies, why not replenish their stock with something that’s both practical and stylish?

A Premium Editing Tool
ProWritingAid’s analysis tool will take the hassle out of editing for any writer

Editing can be a huge annoyance for many writers. Luckily, there’s a number of online writing tools designed to help with this process.

ProWritingAid is one of best options available when it comes to writing software. Their editing tool provides a detailed analysis of any writing, identifying errors and making suggestions to improve readability.

While there is a free online version of the tool available, that’s not much of a present – so in the spirit of giving, why not treat them to the bulked-up Premium edition?

The paid version includes faster and more in depth analysis, as well as being compatible with a variety of other programs and devices.

The Next Step on their Writing Journey
The Writers’ Academy creative writing courses can help aspiring writers hone their skills

Shameless, we know – but if you’re looking for the best literary gifts for writers, then a helping hand towards taking their writing to the next level might just be it.

Gift certificates for The Writers’ Academy can be made up to any amount from £50, perfect whether you want to simply help your writer on their way, or spoil them with one of our creative writing courses in its entirety.

Ideal for both novice and more experienced writers looking to develop their craft, our gift certificates are redeemable against both our Creative Writing for Beginners and Constructing a Novel courses!

More Help for Writers

If you found this list of gifts for writers helpful, why not also direct the writer in your life towards a goodie bag of helpful, free writing resources?

Our Writing 101 resources offer a collection of handy eBooks, webinars and articles aimed at equipping budding writers with the tools to reach their full potential.

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