15 Top Creative Writing Blogs That Are Actually Helpful

If you’re reading this, you’ve noticed the huge amount of creative writing blogs out there today. And unfortunately, many are pretty unappealing or poorly made. However…

There are a select few blogs and websites that are smartly designed, well-maintained and loaded with useful content for any creative writer.

But how to find them?

Well, today, we’re bringing you the definitive list of the 15 very best writing blogs on the web – covering the topic of writing from all angles, and doing it well…

Grammarly’s blog layout is probably the best around

Grammarly have smartly promoted their online proofreading tool with a beautifully presented and engaging blog.

Seriously, this might be the best-looking and most user-friendly writing blog out there:

There’s a great mix of writing tips articles – complete with very clear examples of how to use certain words, phrases etc. – and some more fun, light-hearted stuff.

Whatever the topic though, the blog over at Grammarly always makes for an interesting read.

Image of the content writing blod Copyblogger
SEO newcomers will love the tips they can find at Copyblogger

Copyblogger produce articles aimed at teaching you how to write for content marketing and SEO purposes, making this a Mecca for bloggers everywhere.

Don’t let that put you off if that’s not your own writing niche though!

There’s a mountain of useful tips here that apply more broadly to creative writing in general:

Features like this interview with bestselling author Dan Buettner are a perfect example of how Copyblogger can help bloggers, journalists and fiction writers alike.

The Creative Penn
Image of The Creative Penn writing blog
Joanna Penn has sold huge amounts of fiction and non-fiction works

Who better to dispense writing advice than a New York Times bestselling independent author?

Joanna Penn’s thrillers and non-fiction works for writers have sold over 500,000 copies, and she channels this expertise in the articles she puts out at The Creative Penn.

Her regular blogs and podcasts will give you an expert insight into the world of independent publishing, among other things.

This is one blog that is simply stuffed with practical tips for aspiring writers looking to emulate Joannas’ own success.

Goins, Writer
Image of Jeff Goins' creative writing blog
Goins, Writer is a lovingly crafted writing blog from its titular creator

Jeff Goins is one of the most popular writing bloggers on the internet, and with good reason:

Goins, Writer is a fantastic resource for writers trying to make a living from their craft, and Jeff’s passion for creative writing is evident in every piece that he writes.

Articles such as this are evidence of his honest, story-like style of writing – which any novice writer will surely be able to empathise with.

Check it out for yourself and discover Jeff’s seemingly endless selection of writing resources.

Terrible Minds
Image of Chuck Wendig's creative writing blog
If you’re not offended by a little dark humour Chuck Wendig’s blog might be for you

Even more distinctive is the writing style of Chuck Wendig over at Terrible Minds – this is one writer who doesn’t mince words.

A novelist, screenwriter and game designer, Chuck’s individual and irreverent take on all things writing related will amuse as well as educate you:

“The High Goddamn Responsibility of Fiction” is among the more mildly-titled posts here – so if you’re offended by crude language this one might not be for you.

If that doesn’t put you off though, chances are you’ll find this one of the most entertaining writing blogs available.

Jane Friedman
Image of Jane Friedman's writing blog
Jane Friedman’s blog is crammed with insider publishing knowledge

Another blog stacked with publishing expertise, but this time from the other side of the industry:

Jane Friedman’s experience includes, among many other things, being the former publisher of Writer’s Digest – so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about the industry.

As such, her blog is filled with a whole host of useful, instructive articles to aid the fledgling writer.

Jane’s wealth of insider knowledge makes this site very useful for anyone looking to negotiate the very tricky publishing process.

Daily Writing Tips
Image of the DailyWritingTips site
Daily Writing Blog is one of the more simple and effective writing resources on the web

There’s no complicated gimmick here, just a very handy writing website that does exactly what it says on the tin:

As the names suggests, Daily Writing Tips provides practical writing help every single day, to keep your grammar and spelling as finely tuned as can be.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in situations where we don’t know which kind punctuation is correct, or the proper syntax to use…

But, check in with this blog on a daily basis, and you’ll soon find your formal writing skills honed to perfection.

Helping Writers Become Authors
Image of K.M. Weiland's creative writing blog
K.M. Weiland’s instructional articles are a great help to many writers

If you’re having problems structuring your novel, you might well enjoy a blog from the bestselling author of Structuring Your Novel:

K.M. Weiland’s site Helping Writers Become Authors aims to do exactly that, to provide writing inspiration and walk you through issues of story and character.

Aside from the excellent blog, there’s also a feature packed e-letter to sign up for, and the fact that K.M. will respond to any questions you might want to ask her!

(Check out some advice on writing dialogue that K.M. provided us with a while back.)

The Writers’ Academy
Image of The Writers' Academy blog
Our own blog is filled with helpful articles like the one you’re reading right now!

Maybe this is cheating, but we’d be stupid if we didn’t take the chance to direct you to the variety of other great articles we’ve got on writing on our own blog:

From upcoming writing competitions, to writing prompts and more useful articles just like this one – we’re compiling quite the selection of writing material here!

So feel free to check back in with us here at The Writers’ Academy on a regular basis, because we’ll be producing more content like this all the time. (Okay, the shameless self-promotion is now over).

The Write Life
Image of The Write Life writing blog
Practical advice is the name of the game at The Write Life

Create, connect and earn – if this sounds like your ideal writing process, then this particular site might just be for you:

It’s the motto of The Write Life, and highlights the fact that this blog wants to help you engage with the writing community and break out as a professional author.

It’s a refreshing and practical approach, as well as generally being a pretty fun read – a good starting point for anyone looking to make a living as a writer.

Better Novel Project
Image of the Better Novel Project blog
Better Novel Project is a unique take on a creative writing blog

A novel blog in more ways than one – Better Novel Project takes a fascinating approach to analyzing literature:

The site treats bestselling books as a research opportunity, deconstructing them and examining their common elements to create story structures.

If that sounds a bit dry, don’t worry:

Making the research fun is part of the blog’s philosophy – so each post is accompanied with nifty hand-written doodles or info-graphics.

Writer’s Digest
Image of the Writer's Digest Editor Blogs
There’s a vast store of writing articles at Writer’s Digest editor blogs

Less a collection of blogs, and more of a colossal stockpile – the “Editor Blogs” section over at Writer’s Digest doesn’t disappoint in terms of volume of content.

There’s no lack of quality either though:

As the name suggests, these are articles written by industry experts – experienced editors advising you on everything from literary agents to sample chapters.

The Book Designer
Image of The Book Designer website
Check out The Book Designer to learn how to “build better books”

We’ve looked at blogs with practical help on writing and getting published – but what about physically putting books together?

That’s what you’ll find at The Book Designer, which plays host to an exhaustive set of articles on book and cover design, printing, production and so on.

It’s an often overlooked part of the process for new writers, but if you want to go the DIY route there’s no better place to start.

Kristen Kieffer’s site is home to a litany of creative writing resources, literary discussions and other useful articles

Ever wanted to know exactly how NOT to write a novel?

Well, Kristen Kieffer reckons she’s learned that herself, and her superb writing blog aims to turn her past failures into an action plan for novel writing success.

Initially established in 2015 as ‘She’s Novel’, this is one of the freshest and fastest growing writing blogs around – so join Kristen now as she maps out all the pitfalls you should avoid on your own creative writing journey.

Lauren Sapala

Image of Lauren Sapala's creative writing blog
Lauren Sapala aims to pass on her wisdom from her years as a writing coach

Sometimes as a writer, you just need that little boost to your ego – a pep talk to get you through the self-doubt:

That’s where Lauren Sapala comes in.

As a writing coach, her articles have an infectious, feel-good tone that’s sure to get you inspired, while still being focused and informative.

So give yourself some much needed encouragement, and grab some advice from Lauren on a wealth of different writing struggles.

Further Help

If you’re interested in more helpful articles, visit our Writing 101 page, where we’ve compiled a whole host of handy posts and resources to help you become a better writer.

We want to hear from you too. Which blogs and sites do you find the most helpful? Have you used any of those listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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24 thoughts on “15 Top Creative Writing Blogs That Are Actually Helpful

    1. Hi Charlene, thanks for the comment! We had a tonne of suggestions for other blogs to include here and had to narrow it down from a large selection, but Live Write Thrive looks interesting. We’ll take a closer look and keep it in mind when we’re updating the list! – Thanks, Danny

  1. I think The Write Practice deserves a mention as it encourages daily practice, allows sharing of work in its post comments, and reflections writing.

    1. Hi Sef, The Write Practice is yet another quality site that could easily have made the list. You can see we had a tough time settling on a final shortlist, I get the feeling this article could end up a good bit longer with updates in the future! – Thanks, Danny

  2. The Standoutbooks blog delivers excellent bite-sized writing advice to authors, It has also won awards for its content. I second Charlene Whitman’s vote for C.S. Lakin’s Live Write Thrive blog, as well.

    1. Hi J.P., thanks for the suggestion with Standoutbooks, just had a look and it seems like another quality site. Live Write Thrive looks certain to be included when we update now too! – Thanks, Danny

  3. Writing blogs can really take up a huge amount of our time. Not that it’s not going to be all worth it in the end, but it’s good to know that there are sites and applications we can turn to when practicing our writing exigencies. Thanks a lot for this informative and well-written article.

    1. We agree Marianne! The Creative Penn was suggested by a number of readers for this list, and it definitely deserves its place – Thanks, Danny

  4. Hi guys, I have used Grammarly and found it useful. Writing a blog is sweet, however stressful, when you can’t find a website or blog to draw inspiration. Most bloggers started with great zeal, along the line they lose focus due to financial wants. And such state of mind often cloud our ability to write. My advice to such blogger is to remember after sowing comes the reaping.

  5. Your choice of Terrible Minds is a good one. I find it really interesting and helpful, whereas a few of the sites included in this list are a bit ‘mutual back-slapping’.

    Better Novel Project is a new one on me and I’ll be checking that out for certain. Thanks.

  6. This list is fantastic and so helpful! Bookmarking it to refer back to when I need it. So many new sites to explore to help when I get a bit stuck.

    I also appreciate the suggestions from the other comments and will check those out asap.

    Thanks for a great resource!

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