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A Handy Guide to the Most Common Themes in Literature

  ‘In every bit of honest writing in the world, there is a base theme.’ – John Steinbeck https://t.co/SI0a6bv22p — The...

6 Jan 2018 8m to read

Literary Devices: What They Are & a List of the Most Common Examples

How much do you know about literary devices? Brush up with our beginner's guide and breakdown of the most popular literary...

7 Aug 2017 8m to read

Freelance Writing Jobs: Top 10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Write

Anyone who has spent time looking for paid freelance writing jobs online will know the pain of regular disappointment. Writers on our courses often...

30 Jun 2017 7m to read

10 Fascinating Made-Up Languages in Literary Fiction and TV

There’s a long and proud history of made-up languages (or ‘conlang’ – meaning constructed language) in works of fiction....

3 Mar 2017 9m to read

15 Best Writing Competitions That You Can Enter and Win

If you’ve been looking for writing competitions, then you’ve probably come across several giant lists of contests, prizes and awards,...

18 Jan 2017 10m to read

15 Top Creative Writing Blogs That Are Actually Helpful

If you’re reading this, you’ve noticed the huge amount of creative writing blogs out there today. And unfortunately, many are pretty...

22 Dec 2016 9m to read

How to Write a Crime Novel: The Editor’s Guide

Crime novels are incredibly popular, but this popularity makes it a very competitive genre for new writers trying to make their mark. Given this, you...

21 Oct 2016 6m to read

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