Creative Writing For Beginners

Kirsty Manning

Fantastic news - Kirsty has just signed a two-book publishing deal with publishers Allen & Unwin.

"The tutors were very generous, and happy to answer any follow-up questions. The feedback on my work was invaluable. It meant we could hone our work and redo it - which is really what writing is all about." Read more

Carole Astley

"I found the whole experience uplifting and inspiring. My tutor was Barbara and I thought her excellent. The most useful part of the course was interacting with fellow writers and showing them my work. It's very interesting seeing other people's creative writing, and I loved this part – I would get excited logging on and reading the others writer's work, and the chat rooms were excellent." Read more

Joanna Baker

"I enjoyed both courses: I found them challenging (in a good way) and my skills improved greatly as a result. I was impressed by the amount of course content, the videos and articles, and I found the interaction with other people on the course incredibly useful and confidence-boosting. I thought both courses were structured very well, focusing on different issues or aspects of writing each week." Read more

Neil Bailey

"This was my first attempt at writing fiction for over thirty years, so the whole creative challenge I found exciting and exhilarating. I created a character in the very first week who seemed to grow as the course developed, which was very satisfying. Our tutor was excellent – supporting and guiding us with just the right level of encouragement." Read more

Tara King

"I really enjoyed the course. To be honest, I was surprised by how good it was! My tutor has been a brilliant tutor. She's supportive, encouraging and also very tough with her edits. Show not tell and adverbs are on my blacklist now. I've really enjoyed working with her. The course notes are excellent and to a really high standard. It was intelligently pitched." Read more

Lucy Thompson

"I have enjoyed the course enormously and I feel like I have learnt an incredible amount. I think the course has offered me more than I expected and the process for submitting work and having it reviewed has been really good. I would certainly consider taking another course with The Writers' Academy if it was relevant to my future learning." Read more

Constructing a Novel


Joe Jon-Knight

"The course was successful due to the high level of professionalism the team displayed. I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone who has an inkling of becoming an author. These courses were not just about learning a few techniques, but they instilled a belief that writing a novel and obtaining a publishing contract is a distinct possibility." Read more

Mary Ann Hutchinson

"It was clear from the first week that this course had been very well put together with a lot of thought. Thanks to my tutor’s editorial help and invaluable comments, my writing improved exponentially, and continues to improve day by day. My only regret is that there isn’t a further course I could do with her tutelage, or an ongoing one that I could do for the rest of my writing life." Read more

Rachel Rivers Porter

"I loved the course! It felt great to be in the forum with other writers, who understood the way I felt and we could share our experiences. I found it a very worthwhile experience, and it was worth investing in my writing. My tutor, Barbara, was fantastic! I knew I wanted to learn from experts and I wasn't disappointed." Read more

June Fettes

"Within three months of joining the course I had completed the first draft of a major piece of fiction - a 130,000 word novel. The whole experience has provided strong foundations to build on, the confidence to keep going, and a network of fellow writers with whom to share the highs and lows." Read more