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Creative Writing Prompts for Romance Writers

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“Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?”… Are you struggling to answer? You’ve probably got a touch of romance writer’s block.

Don’t worry, a creative block is very common among romance writers – and we have a solution, in the form of some handy romance writing prompts.

A good prompt can help you find a fresh perspective or take you in a new direction. So give these romance writing prompts a try, they might just provide the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

The Reunion

After years of being missing, a soldier returns home. Write a scene about his reunion with his wife.

Try to create emotional impact with this story, so that your readers feel sympathetic towards the soldier and his struggle to reconnect with his love.


The Gift

Somehow, two gift deliveries cross paths and end up in the wrong hands. The recipients meet to exchange them. Sparks fly.

Using the above scenario, write an opening scene for a romantic comedy.


The Poem

Read the following snippet from a poem and write a story about the loss and desire to reunite with a loved one:

If I could bring you back for now
For just this single day
Where have you been for all this time?
I’m curious what you’d say

The Kiss

Set the scene for a kiss.

Think about the characters, the reasons for their feelings for each other, and the events that have led to their interaction.


The Affair

Write a story that begins with a married woman having an affair.

She begins to plan for her divorce, but, at the same time, and unaware of the affair, her husband decides to try to get the spark back in their marriage again. What happens next?


The Journey

Write a story that looks at the lives of many people from various backgrounds and cultures.

How does the journey to romance happen differently for each couple? Think about cultural differences and their impact on relationships.

The Stranger

Write a scene in which a woman meets and talks with mysterious stranger and they both feel an instant romantic connection. After a minute, the pair gets disturbed by the arrival of what seems to be his girlfriend.

Describe their immediate feelings and what happens once they part.


The Wedding

Describe a wedding scene.

Focus on the emotions felt by the couple, the atmosphere of the day and the romantic situations of the various wedding guests.


The Letter

Write an old-fashioned love letter to a lost lover.

Think about the history of the relationship: how it started, what caused it to end and the aftermath of the separation. Describe your feelings looking back on the relationship now.

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